Grade 1 – Report session for the subject Global Citizenship (GCED) – Theme: The Diversity of countries

Monday, 17/06/2024, 15:06 (GMT)

During Semester II, Grade 1 Vinsers researched, carried out learning projects to learn about the Diversity of countries and had a group report in class with many interesting projects such as: Typical dishes of Japan, Costumes of Russia, Korean language is different from Vietnam, Costumes of Vietnamese ethnic groups,… to introduce to the community are the students of the class.

On May 10, 2024, Vinsers Grade 1 Vinschool Grand Park organized a General Report session at the end of the school year for the subject Global Citizenship (GCED) at the Multipurpose Room with 2 main activities:

1. Report summarizing class projects

  • In the Report activity, representatives of each class take turns presenting and introducing a summary of their class’s projects. Each project has its own creative and attractive style.
  • Interspersed between the Report sections are extremely lovely and confident musical performances presented by Grade 1 Vinsers themselves.
  • After the Report, Grade 1 Vinsers were also able to feast their eyes on the traditional costumes of the countries that our class learned about through an extremely adorable fashion show. Therefore, students can see the diversity of costumes in each country.

2. Experience

Move on to the Experience section with 9 stations. Each station has a theme so students can feel the uniqueness of each country: Learn about the National Flag with the Tangram game; make a Thai flag; Japanese Fukuwarai game; Korean game Tuho; making Chinese paper puppets; The Vietnamese game of Picking crabs and putting them in baskets, Chi chi chanh chanh; Learn about conical hats and typical dishes of the three regions of Vietnam.

Hopefully, through this Report, Grade 1 students will gain more knowledge about Diversity and help them be motivated to explore more interesting differences.