Experience activity “Dong Ho Folk Paintings”

Monday, 17/06/2024, 16:06 (GMT)

Vietnamese studies is one of the subjects that leaves a deep impression in the heart of every Vinser. For grade 1 students, this is a subject that helps them learn about the culture, origin, customs and practices of the Vietnamese people.

During the 6-week journey of passionate learning on the topic “Dong Ho folk painting”, Grade 1 Vinsers not only learned about a genre of painting with rustic artistic beauty but also made the painting themselves. Dong Ho on its own.

Children can enjoy the beauty of this line of paintings through observing, learning and experiencing. From there, the children feel more clearly the beauty of Vietnamese spiritual life, as poet Hoang Cam once felt:

“Dong Ho painting of chicken and pig is fresh and clear
National colors shine brightly on message paper”

During the experience on May 17, 2024, children will:

  • Listen to Mr. Dang Van Dung – Dong Ho folk painting artist introducing about Dong Ho painting village of Vietnam;
  • Learn about painting materials, do paper, how to print paintings and the meaning of some typical Dong Ho folk paintings;
  • Ask questions and interact with the artisans.

In particular, under the guidance of the Artist, Vinsers had the opportunity to experience the steps of printing paintings with their parents, admiring firsthand the unique features of Dong Ho folk painting art through many different materials and colors. together.

Hopefully, through this experience, you will love Vietnamese studies more and more and will join hands to preserve the traditional culture of the nation, spreading good values ​​to friends around the world.