Questions and Answers on Fees and Financial Regulations for 2022-2023 Academic Year

Dear Valued Parents, 

The school would like to send parents the following Q&A in order to allay any worries regarding adjustments to the fee and financial rules for the 2022-2023 academic year:


  1. In the 2022-2023 academic year, how are the updated fees at Vinschool compared to those of the previous academic year? 


Vinschool has emailed all parents the updated fee structure and financial regulations for the 2022-2023 academic year on February 23, 2022. As a result, parents should be aware of the following:

  • Incentives policies 
    • Discontinuation of direct 2% discount rate when parents pay periodic fees.
    • Continuation of the 5% discount in case parents pay annual fees. Note that this discount only applies to the total fees payable including main tuition fees, boarding and bus service fees (if used) after deducting other incentives.
  • Day-boarding service fee: 
    • For campuses in the northern and central regions: Increase of 150,000 VND/month (about 10%).
    • For campuses in the southern regions: Increase of 100,000 VND/month (about 7%).
  • School development fee:
    • For campuses applying the fee of 3,200,000 VND/academic year, adjustment to 4,200,000 VND/academic year.
  • Other charges: 
    • Main tuition fees: The tuition fee will remain unchanged until the end of the 2022-2023 academic year.
    • The remaining fees remain unchanged such as enrollment fees, tuition fees, uniform fees, experience operation fees, bus service fees, etc.


  1. Why has the school increased the school development fee while during the past months, students only studied online or stayed home from school due to the impact of the pandemic and did not use these utilities? 


  • Since its establishment, Vinschool has maintained the development fee at the same level for 8 years. As a not-for-profit education system, Vinschool is committed to using all profits to reinvest in upgrading the quality of facilities and services throughout the system. To ensure stable operating quality during the time students are absent from school due to COVID-19, Vinschool received a significant amount of financial support from Vingroup. In order to become a Vietnamese Education System that meets international standards in both operations and teaching and learning, Vinschool is working to improve in accordance with stringent CIS criteria. This will benefit Vinschool’s students in a significant way.
  • Although students did not go to school, the facilities still experience deterioration, the school still has to maintain operations to be ready to welcome students back to school, ensuring that there is always someone to clean and disinfect to prevent mold, replace or repair outdated or broken equipment, etc. The Financial Regulations also stipulate that the school development fee is not refundable or transferable.


  1. The income of many households has been greatly impacted by the COVID pandemic’s volatility. Why then did the school alter its discount policy? Are parents required to pay tuition fees annually? 


  • The school still accepts fees in 2 forms: by semester or by academic year (5% discount applied).
  • The school accepts semester/yearly fee payment. Due to the preparation of facilities, personnel, and teachers at the start of the academic year, the school does not accept a monthly fee. In addition, paying fees on a longer-term basis demonstrates both parents’ and students’ dedication to the school as well as the children’s long-term learning success.


  1. Why did the school increase the day-boarding service fee in the 2022-2023 academic year? If the boarding fee is increased, will the quality of the meal change or will it only increase due to inflation?


For the first time, Vinschool increased the boarding fee from 2017 to 2018, increasing it by 100,000 VND/month (approximately 7%) for institutions in the South and by 150,000 VND/month (about 10%) for those in the Northern and Central areas. The school has reasonably balanced this fee rise, which is still significantly less than the price increase caused by inflation over the previous five years. The meal program at Vinschool is always being improved, with a focus on menu variety, food safety, and sanitation.


For further inquiry, please contact Admissions & Customer Care:

  • Northern and Central regions: 18006511 (select language and press extension 1), Email: [email protected]
  • Southern region: 18006511 (select language and press extension 2), Email:  [email protected] 


Kind regards,

Vinschool Education System