Plan for execution of 2018 General Education Program for Grade 10 in 2022-2023 academic year

1. Purpose and Requirements

1.1 KPI

– Developing subject groups and learning topics based on the actual situation of the school’s team and facilities.

–  Create conditions for students to have a good learning environment. Students choose subjects that are suitable for their career orientation.

– Clearly communicate with parents and students about Vinschool High School’s admission requirements and teachers’ resources, and create groups of chosen disciplines, learning topics, and the matching number of classes;;

1.2. Requirements:

– The implementation plan of the Grade 10 program is based on teachers’ resources, facilities and teaching equipment of the school. The number of subject groups and the number of classes/each subject group are decided by the school to ensure the effective use of the school’s teachers and facilities and to meet the highest expectations of students.

– The 2018 General Education Program for Grade 10 is being implemented according to a plan that was established with flexibility and openness in mind. This will allow students to register their goals and the implementation to be organised after the results of the 10th grade enrollment are known.

  1. Information

2.1. Enrollment criteria, classification plan:

Total enrolment targets expected for the 2022-2023 academic year: 450 students

Number of Classes Expected: 15

2.2. Teachers:

Total number of teachers: 71, allocated as follows:

No. Subject Number of Teachers Subject Number of Teachers
1 Mathematics 9 History 3
2 Literature 12 Civic Education 1
3 English 13 local + 8 expat teachers Physical Education 5
4 Informatics 3 Technology 0
5 Physics 3 Skills 0
6 Chemistry 3 Defence 1
7 Biology 3 Music 2
8 Geography 3 Art 2
Total 71
  1. Program content and implementation plan of the 2018 General Education Program for Grade 10 of the 2022-2023 academic year:

3.1. Educational content:

3.1.1. Required subjects and educational activities:

Literature, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, English, Physical Education, National Defense and Security Education (GDQP&AN), Experiential – Orientation Activities, and Local Education.

3.1.2. Selected subjects include 3 subject groups:

– Social sciences group: History, Geography, Economics and Legal Studies (KT&PL).

– Natural sciences groups: Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

– Technology and arts group: Technology, Informatics, Arts (Music, Fine Arts).

Students select 5 subjects from the 3 groups of subjects above, with at least 1 subject from each group.

3.1.3. Learning topics:

In order to meet the needs of and assist students in improving their knowledge and practical skills, applying knowledge to solve some real-world problems, and adhering to career orientation standards, the subject of learning is covered in instructional content for high school students.

The duration for each study topic is 10-15 periods; The total duration for the study topic of a subject is 35 periods/academic year. In each subject group, students choose 3 learning topics of 3 subjects in accordance with their own aspirations and the organizational ability of the school.

To meet students’ needs and ensure compliance with the requirements of the teaching staff, facilities, and teaching equipment of the school, create subject groups from the three subject groups and learning subjects mentioned above.

3.1.4 Elective courses: not taken

3.2. Duration of Instruction:

Educational content Number of periods/ academic year/ class
Compulsory Subjects (5) Literature 105
Mathematics 105
Foreign Language (English) 105
Physical Education 70
National Defense and Security 35
Optional Subjects (3 groups)
Social sciences (3 subjects) History 70
Geography 70
Economics 70
Natural sciences (3 subjects) Physics 70
Chemistry 70
Biology 70
Technology and Arts (4 subjects) Technology 70
Informatics 70
Music 70
Fine Art 70
Selected learning topics (3 thematic clusters) 105
Mandatory Activity Experiential activities – career guidance 105
Compulsory local education content 35
Elective Subjects
Ethnic minority languages 105
Foreign Language 2 105
Total number of periods/academic year (except elective subjects) 1015
Average number of lessons/week (excluding elective subjects) 29
  1. Expected number of classes according to the selected subject groups and thematic topics:
No. Group of selected subjects Expected Number of Classrooms Maximum Number of Students Academic Topics Admission Criteria
1 Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Informatics (Applied Physics)


Fine Art


10 300 Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry average total score

all 5 subjects of Grade 9

group of subjects and

Grade 10 admission score

Support students to switch aspirations


Economics & Legal Studies

2 History, Geography, Physical Education

Informatics (Applied Science)


Fine Art


5 150 Language; History; Geography. average total score

all 5 subjects of Grade 9

group of subjects and

Grade 10 admission score

Support students to switch




  1. How classes are organized:

– Each student registers 2 aspirations (NV1, NV2) on the selection of subject groups. Each subject group must have a minimum of 30 registered students for the school to organize classes. If the number of registered students is less than 30, such class will not be organized and students will have to switch to aspiration 2. If the number of students registered for the subject groups exceeds the maximum target, the students with lower admission scores must also switch to aspiration 2.

– In case the number of registered students is more than the allotted number of students, placement will be made in order from high to low scores until the quota is met. Depending on the actual conditions of registration, the number of classes may increase or decrease compared to the initial plan.

– The school will regularly update and make public the number of aspirations to register so that students are aware of the number of aspirations to register in the subject group of their choice and can make the necessary adjustments or re-registration.

The strategy outlined above is how Vinschool will apply for the 2018 General Education Program in Grade 10 during the 2022-2023 academic year. After a student enters the school’s 10th grade, the plan can be modified to fit his/her goals.