Open letter: Calling for suggestions on locations for building schools with proceeds from EDURUN 2022 fund

Dear Valued Parents,

EDURUN 2022 – sponsored by Vinschool Education System and attracted more than 30,000 parents and students – has successfully raised close to 2.2 billion VND. Vinschool welcomes parents’ proposals on locations to support the rehabilitation and development of schools and classrooms for underprivileged children in remote areas from this budget.

Parents with knowledge of school locations in need of assistance to build or renovate are urged to submit a proposal to the school HERE. Parents’ proposals will be accepted between June 18, 2022, and June 30, 2022.

In order to choose the best school location for support, the race’s organising committee will analyse parent recommendations and organise a survey trip with the help of parent representatives from across the system. A public announcement of this information will be made via Vinschool’s communication channels.

EDURUN 2022 continues to receive the passionate participation of and support from staff, instructors, parents, and students at all institutions nationwide despite being the third year it has been held via an online platform and heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The roughly 2.2 billion VND (2,172,092,800 VND) in donations consists of:

  • Number of participants opening 84RACE accounts (4,432 people): 221,600,000 VND
  • Total kilometres reached on the online platform (117,979 km; 1km = 2,000 VND): 235,958,000 VND
  • Total donation (direct transfer and donation) and profit from selling EDURUN T-shirts: 1,714,534,800 VND

Organized since 2015 by Vinschool Education System, EDURUN has been considered a useful and worthwhile volunteer activity. The most challenging areas in the provinces of Son La, Quang Tri, Dien Bien Phu, and Quang Binh have seen the construction of numerous large classrooms and schools thanks to funding from EDURUN over the years. In addition to fostering the humanitarian mission for education and the community, the race also encourages participants to be aware of the importance of health and fitness training.


  • EDURUN 2015: 7,000 attendees, 1.2 billion VND raised. Construction of 5 classrooms for students of Chieng So Secondary School, Song Ma District, Son La Province.
  • EDURUN 2016: 10,000 attendees, 2 billion VND raised (of which 1 billion VND was funded by Vingroup). Construction of 10 classrooms at 3 locations of Ba Day, Tram, and Ro Ro schools in Dakrong District, Quang Tri.
  • EDURUN 2018: More than 21,000 attendees, 3.7 billion VND raised. Construction of Muong Dun Kindergarten and 2 classrooms for Sin Chai Primary School, Tuong Chua District, Dien Bien Phu Province.
  • EDURUN 2020: 30,000 participants, 1.1 billion VND raised. Construction of K-ooc Kindergarten, Quang Binh Province, and installation of a stainless steel water tank with a capacity of 100m3 for Tan Trach Primary & Secondary Semi-Boarding Ethnic School, Quang Binh Province
  • EDURUN 2021: 30,000 participants, 2.2 billion VND raised. Vinschool is currently searching for a suitable location in order to continue developing large, worthwhile, and long-lasting schools for underprivileged children.

For more information about EDURUN, please visit: https://edurun.vinschool.com/

The school would like to express its gratitude for the support and involvement of parents and children during the previous Eduruns!

Best regards,