Vinschool Sports Newsletter Oct-Nov

Tuesday, 06/12/2022, 11:12 (GMT+7)

Besides academic learning, Vinschool always organises and encourages Vinsers to participate in sports tournaments inside and outside the school, for its health benefits as well as promoting the spirit of training and competition in sports at all levels.

Last October and November, Vinsers at all levels participated in sports tournaments from the school cluster level to the national level in an intensively competitive spirit and received many individual and team achievement awards:

The Vovinam tournament for students nationwide – the tournament was organised by the Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Vietnam Vovinam Federation (VVF) and the Vietnamese Student Sports Association. Out of more than 400 competing athletes from 21 provinces and cities across the country, Vinschool The Harmony students won 2 medals for their achievements, specifically:

  • At the high school level, Bui Quang Minh won the Gold Medal for the 63 kg weight class.
  • At the Primary level, Ho Huu Nhat Quang won the silver medal for the 48 kg weight class.

For the first time participating in the Vovinam tournament on a national level, Bui Quang Minh shared: “At first, I went to the competition with a focus on getting more experience, I did not think I would be able to go into the finals because the competitors participating in the tournament are all the best athletes representing their provinces. When I competed, I did my best, and I finally won. I will try harder to represent Ha Noi in next year’s tournament”.

Binh Thanh District Student Sports Tournament, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinschool Central Park High School through their excellent achievements won many team and individual medals:

  • Gold medal: Chinese chess; Individual and double table tennis for men; Chess; Basketball for Secondary School Female Students; Basketball for Secondary and High School Male Students; Volleyball for Secondary School Female Students; Individual and team swimming grades 6 and 7; Vovinam female team and individual weight class 40kg and 60kg; and Running.
  • Silver medal: Football for Male Students grades 6 and 7; Basketball for Secondary Female Students; Football for Secondary Female Students; Team swimming for Students grade 8 and 9; Individual table tennis; Vovinam weight class 48kg, 51kg; Running
  • Bronze medal: Football for Male Students grades 8 and 9; Football for Male High School Students; Basketball for Male Secondary School Students; Basketball for Male High School Students; Badminton; Volleyball for Male High School Students; Individual table tennis; Vovinam 45kg weight class; and Running

Ho Chi Minh City School Basketball Festival 2022: overcoming 93 schools in the city, Vinschool Central Park High School once again through excellent sportsmanship put their name on the achievement records with impressive awards:

  • Gold Medal: Basketball for Male/Female Secondary Students in grades 6 and 7;
  • Silver Medal: Basketball for Female Highschool Students
  • Bronze Medal: Basketball for Female Highschool Students in grades 8 and 9

Basketball tournament for high school male students in Hoan Kiem and Hai Ba Trung (Ha Noi) – This is an annual tournament held among school clusters to select the best teams to prepare for the basketball tournament for students in Ha Noi (city-level), and is expected to be held in February next year (2023): surpassing nearly 100 high school students with 8 teams from 2 districts, Vinschool Times City T37 won the overall Silver Award in the preliminary round.

Football Tournament of Vinschool high schools system in the North: surpassing 20 teams at 3 different age categories from Vinschool high schools in the North and the cheers of nearly 1000 athletes and fans, Vinsers players achieved the following :

  •     First prize U13: Vinschool Times City High School T37
  •     First prize U15: Vinschool Times City High School T37
  •     1st place U17: Vinschool The Harmony High School

First Open Vinschool Primary Sports Tournament: nearly 800 primary students of Vinschool and primary schools in Ha Noi (Wellspring Ha Noi, Trung Tu, To Vinh Dien, Ngo Quyen, Trung Trac, Ngoi Sao, Nam Thanh Công, Cong nghe Giao duc Ha Noi, Vietkids,…)  attended in 4 competitions: football, basketball, swimming and chess. The final results are:

  • Gold medals in breaststroke swimming, and freestyle swimming for males and females: Wellspring Primary School, Đuc Giang, Vinschool The Harmony and Times City T35.
  • Gold medals for males and females aged 10 and 11 in chess: Vinschool Times City T36, Imperia, Gardenia and Trung Trac Primary School.
  • Champions of male and female basketball tournament: Vinschool Times City T35 and Ngo Quyen Primary School.
  • Overall first prize goes to Vinschool The Harmony.

Taking part in major sports tournaments is an opportunity for Vinsers to exchange and learn with competitors from inside and outside the school system, to hone their playing skills, and demonstrate their abilities.