Vincamp students’ unique expriences in the UK

Friday, 09/02/2018, 10:02 (GMT+7)

The best 30 students of the VinCamp 2017 had 10 wonderful days in the UK. The students had the opportunity to attend a number of public speaking and leadership workshops, visit many landmarks and take part in exciting team – building activities. The 10-day journey was a dream come true for Vinsers to be explore the world’s leading country in education, get a stronger sense of their future plans and boost their determination in pursuing those plans.

The trip to the “land of fog” in July 2017 has brought 30 Vinschool students unforgettable experiences. These are the top students during VinCamp 2017 competition, and all the expenses for their trip to this leading country in education were covered by Vingroup. This wonderful opportunity helps Vinsers to “step out to the world”, get to know people from different cultures, and learn the essential skills, as reflected in VinCamp 2017’s slogan: “Proactive learning – Student leadership ”


Students were very excited to get a chance to visit Cambridge University. Learning about the story of this prestigious school inspired all Vinsers to work harder so, one day, they can come back as a student. “I told myself that I have to try my best to come back here as an international student,” said Ngo Minh Anh, a student at the VinCamp Summer Camp in the UK.


30 Vinschool students took part in multiple public speaking and leadership workshops at Bloomsbury International (a British Council-certified English center). They learned and discussed with teachers and international friends about the meaning of charitable works, unique life experiences, the importance of foreign language proficiency…


Teachers and international classmates recognized Vinschool students’ pro-activeness, confidence, intelligence and English competency demonstrated during the camp. This is, undoubtedly, the fruit borne out of continuous practices they carry out in their daily learning at Vinschool. In fact, for Vincamp 2017, Vinsers initiated and led their own projects, then presented their findings and results entirely in English.


London was the ideal destination for Vinsers to discover famous landmarks such as Big Ben tower, Buckingham palace, Harry Potter studio, London Eye, the Thames and Shakespeare museum. Furthermore, the students were extremely excited to see the Hogwarts School of Harry Potter in real life for the first time,


Vinsers along with international friends visited Tower Bridge across the Thames in London. Every Vinser tried to experience all activities to the fullest within the 10 days in the UK, and the camp truly fired up their desire to explore the world.


The journey brought Vinsers a great opportunity to share knowledge with friends from different parts of the world. These wonderful experiences help Vinsers accumulate important knowledge and give them necessary preparation to “step out to the world”.


One of the highlights in this summer camp is the visit to the Embassy of Vietnam in the UK. This is the first time that the Embassy has welcomed such a large group of Vietnamese students who came to visit the UK.


Representative of Vinschool gave painting of a lotus by Vinsers as a gift to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hai – the First Secretary in charge of Education at Embassy. He emphasized the Embassy’s support for Vietnamese students, “For students of Vietnam in general and of Vinschool in particular, the Embassy is always happy to provide information on scholarships from UK universities and support during their application process”.


VinCamp 2017 becomes an unforgettable experience for all 30 Vinsers. Not only did they have the chance to explore a different part of the world, but the journey also gives wings to many dreams that motivate the students to learn. It will also help them to gain competitive advantages, laying the foundation for their future succeed in the 21st century.

VinCamp Summer Camp is an annual competition for Vinschool students aged 10 to 17 organized by Vinschool Education System and sponsored by the Vingroup. VinCamp’s goal is to inspire students to believe in themselves and their ability to make positive impacts in the community, become proactive and responsible individuals, and serve as model global citizens for others to follow. In 2016, the winners of VinCamp had a chance to attend the summer camp in the United States.