Summer Festival at Vinschool

Thursday, 07/07/2022, 14:07 (GMT+7)

The series of activities of the Summer Fest at Vinschool will culminate in an event specially organized for preschool children.

Time: Week from August 19, 2022

Location: All Vinschool campuses nationwide

The summer holiday will conclude with an explosive, super cool and creative festival. The event is expected to be a playground for children to confidently express themselves; play and develop physical health; freely explore and create; build teamwork spirit; and strengthen their friendship bonds via numerous musical and performance arts events and physical activities, such as:

  • Dressing up and participating in the Red Carpet event
  • Confidently expressing themselves on the “I Can Do It” stage 
  • Showcasing art 
  • Experiencing folk games like dancing with bamboo sticks, smashing earthen pots, capture the flag, hopscotch, duck herding, etc. 
  • Baking cakes and making drinks.