Book Lauching Ceremory “So That I Will Roar You Gently”

Wednesday, 30/10/2019, 17:10 (GMT+7)

For any parents, understanding their own children is not always an easy task. With hope to provide a humble amount of assistance to our dear parents, the GATE Center had created an opportunity for its students to speak out their minds in the GATE book project, named “So That I Will Roar You Gently.”

These young authors are not only the representatives of a small group of gifted students, but also of Vinsers and the Vietnamese youth. 13 short stories of the book go above and beyond classroom confinement, expressing intimate feelings and hidden emotions with nothing but raw talents and words.

The official book release date is Saturday, October 12, 2019, and on the same day, a book release event will be hosted at the Hanoi Book Street.

All revenues from selling this book will be used for charity purposes.