Primary ESL Program Coordinator


Ha Noi

Expiry date


Position:                      Primary ESL Program Coordinator

Reports to:                  Director, Standard ESL Program Department

Job Start:                    Early January, 2020

Application opened:  November 23th, 2019

Applications close:    November 30th, 2019

Interviews:                  December 2nd-20th 2019


The Standard ESL Program Department invites qualified educators to apply for the Primary School Specialist position to work in Vinschool’s educational system.

The following provides interested candidates with a description of the duties and responsibilities required.


Curriculum Review, Development, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Review, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the Primary School ESL Programs and develop action plans;
  • Develop drafts of, obtain required approvals and then communicate all required documents, frameworks, teaching materials, practical resources and templates to Primary School Standard ESL Program Departments and monitor and evaluate their uses by teachers;
  • Compose, develop, communicate, implement, monitor and evaluate the effective use of materials such as test banks, internal progression tests and other standardized comparable assessments and resources;
  • Review and maintain an updated curriculum reference library that will include relevant theory-practice research, professional periodicals, bulletins, books and other materials and resources related to the ESL curriculum, its effective instruction, assessment, evaluation, reporting and communication of results;
  • Contribute to the development of Standard ESL Program’s Intranet for Teachers and identify and capture digitally, show case and document examples of effective practice at the Primary level;
  • Lead all items pertaining to Primary level with the members of the CRDI Committee;
  • Write and distribute professional and high-quality documents that provide faculty and parents important information about the School’s Standard ESL Program’s curriculum, instructional and assessment of students’ achievement and proficiency levels in Program;
  • Work closely with Principals, Team Leaders, Department Heads and individual Teachers, when necessary, on developing strategies for the effective planning of curriculum, strategies to be used for its effective instruction, assessment, evaluation, reporting and communication of results;
  • Support Vice Principals/Principals to develop the annual curriculum improvement plan;
  • Oversee all aspects of the curriculum process, including its development, vertical and horizontal mapping (using Rubicon Atlas), implementation, effective instruction, assessment, evaluation, reporting and communication of results;
  • Work with Vice Principals/Principals and other faculty to integrate technology and other requirements into the curriculum and monitor their impact on effective instruction, assessment, evaluation, reporting and communication of results;
  • Review, develop, reach consensus among all staff about, monitor and evaluate the most effective design model for long-range, unit, and lesson plan templates;
  • Explore and develop assessment policies and practices that emphasize diverse and multiple forms of assessment to address students’ diverse learning styles;
  • Assist all faculty to design criteria-based assessments that accurately measure if students are at, above or below grades level in ESL achievement and proficiency;
  • Administer the school-wide standardized testing program including, analyzing, interpreting results, establishing information procedures for the Director, other staff, parents, faculty and board;
  • Establish and maintain an updated faculty curriculum reference library;
  • Work with Principals/Vice-Principals to facilitate the accreditation process related to quality teaching and learning; and
  • Chair curriculum committees and provide required support for CIS accreditation.

Teacher Training: 

  • Lead and be responsible for the results of school-wide teacher training initiatives that are aligned with the Standard ESL Program Department requirements;
  • Develop and provide induction training to ALL new faculty associated with the Standard ESL Program;
  • Conduct training needs analysis and propose detailed suitable training programs for al faculty with a clear and principled rationale:
  • Lead and/or arrange, but always participate in, teacher training sessions and monitor the effectiveness of the training quality and develop follow up sessions when required;
  • Build effective relationships with, monitor, and build partnerships with the work of GCED; and
  • Empower Department Heads to mentor teachers as needed.

Quality Management 

  • Visit classrooms regularly in order to view close hand the implementation of curriculum and the effective use of appropriate instructional strategies, assessment practices and effective ESL strategies;
  • Ensure that all teachers and students have the required resources and assure Principals of this;
  • Monitor the effective delivery of the program by conducting regular assessments of students’ work and provide feedback to stakeholders which allow teachers to improve the quality of Program delivery;
  • Assist in developing classroom teaching strategies that allow for the effective use of educational technology;
  • Discuss with Heads of Department, Principals and Vice-Principals, and Teachers a variety of ways to identify and solve problems effectively and efficiently while implementing the Program;
  • Support and find solutions, answer enquiries promptly yet accurately concerning the Standard ESL Program;
  • Explore purposeful, meaningful and empowering ways to increase parent engagement through developing and coordinating monthly celebration of Standard ESL Program events; and
  • Make required reports to the Director of the Standard ESL Program and CEO, when necessary, about the teaching and learning quality and propose solutions for any issues, problems or challenges.

School Operations:

  • Participate in developing the school and the Standard ESL Program Department’s academic action plans and related follow-up:
  • Be responsible for the development of and communication about all standardized Standard ESL Program assessments and make necessary modifications annually to ensure their successful implementation, related analyses of them, the monitoring of results and making recommendations for and designing an action plan to promote continuous improvement both for high quality teaching and for improved students’ achievement and proficiency with ESL;
  • Perform other tasks and responsibilities as might be assigned by the Director of the Standard ESL Program and CEO; and
  • Substitute teach if needed.

Desired Qualifications:

  • BA in Education and teaching certificate (Master’s Degree in Education preferred);
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a leadership position (i.e. Vice-Principal for Curriculum Development or equivalent), preferably in an international school and;
  • Experience with and knowledge about ESL at all levels, but especially at the Primary School level.

Personal Attributes:

  • Background in professional development and training;
  • Student-centered philosophy;
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills;
  • Strong background in technology;
  • Vision of a learning community;
  • Service-minded and oriented and;
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team.