Head of Secondary English Department


Ha Noi

Expiry date


Expat ESL Teacher – Secondary

NOTICE OF VACANCY: Expat Head of ESL Department (Standard Program)


APPLY TO:  [email protected] Subject Line: HOD T37; Attach updated CV


Vinschool is taking applications for the position of: Expat Head of ESL Department (Standard Program) at Times City Secondary (T37).

This position is open to qualified applicants with leadership potential seeking the challenge of directly supporting and working with ESL teachers in a dynamic work environment. The successful applicant will lead the delivery of ESL a Vinschool’s largest secondary school. The position will consist of departmental planning and administration, observing and mentoring teachers as well as covering lessons as needed.

Essential Responsibilities (included, but not limited to):

  2. Play the leadership role, take full responsibility, show strong commitment, fulfill all the assigned tasks, and receive respect from their subordinates.
  3. Always demonstrate bravery, urgency and determination, along with a high sense of responsibility, activeness and independence.
  4. Always work with urgency and the spirit to serve, and solve problems of colleagues, partners and customers in a responsive, definitive and satisfactory manner.


    1. Actively connect with relevant Departments/Divisions to handle arising problems in a timely manner.
    2. Have strong expertise and thorough awareness of the job description of their subordinates. Regularly self-study to improve their professional qualification and management skills.
    3. Each Leader/Manager must be an Inspector at the campus they are in charge of and must strictly handle violations in accordance with the regulations of Vingroup/Vinschool.



Always fulfill responsibilities in the following 4 areas: Planning; Organization and implementation; Quality Assurance; Assessment and Inspection.

  1. Planning
    • Develop weekly/monthly/annual action plans for the Department/grade.
    • Ensure that the orientations of the Department/grade suit students and teachers and go in line with the professional orientations of the school.
    • Contribute to developing plans for works under their management (personnel recruitment, teacher training, teaching and classroom observation plans, student assessment, event planning, extra-curricular and experience-based activities, entrance assessment, clubs, etc.), submit plans to superiors for approval and implementation.
    • Build an individual development plan (IDP) for each teacher in the Department/grade and use that plan to serve teacher training after it is approved by the School Management Board.
    • Complete reports in an accurate and timely manner.
  2. Organization and implementation
    • Interview candidates, mark theoretical exams, observe demo teaching. Ensure supply of quality teachers for the Department/grade.
    • Develop learning objectives for each period based on the approved outcomes specifically set for each subject.
    • Preside at weekly professional meetings (meeting agenda and objectives must be informed to the School Management Board in advance and minutes must be delivered after the meeting).
    • Provide concentrated training for all teachers in the Department/grade on a monthly basis; Training topics and expected outcomes must get approval from the School Management Board beforehand, and teachers will give their feedback after the training is delivered. Focus on professional training, besides training on pedagogical psychology and teaching methodology. In addition, offer training through inspection result records, professional development sessions, seminars and practical situations; instruct and mentor new teachers and teachers with low productivity.
    • Conduct teaching of the subject: approve lesson plans, professional plans, procurement of teaching aids and supplies; monitor compliance with teaching schedule and class time; arrange substitute teachers for teachers who are absent or attend events, etc.
    • Implement extracurricular activities, learning projects, movements and competitions for outstanding students at all levels within the Department/grade.
    • Conduct entrance assessments for new students: prepare exam questions, organize interviews and exam scoring.
    • Organize the preparation of exam questions, development of exam review outlines and evaluation of students’ academic performance.
    • Communication: Keep parents informed of education activities, promptly handle parent complaints about education quality.
  3. Quality assurance
    • Ensure teaching quality of classes: observe classes of teachers under their management, ensure that each teacher is observed and officially appraised at least 4 times per semester and observations for specific evaluation purposes are conducted based on the QA-QC requirements applied to the subject.
    • Check the relevant documents and records: observation books, notebooks, professional training materials, etc.
    • Review full-period, mid-term and end-of-term exam questions before submitting them to the School Management Board for approval (for subjects without independent exam questions).
    • Approve worksheets and weekend assignments. Approve lesson plans.
  4. Assessment and inspection
    • Evaluate the work performance of all teachers under their management on a monthly basis and rank them by semester. Propose managing out teachers with poor awareness and work performance.
    • Propose rewarding and disciplining teachers under their management.
    • Evaluate programs, prepare and submit reports and adjustment proposals to the in-charge Vice Principal at the end of each semester.



  • Minimum Education Requirements
    • Bachelor/Master in Education
    • Or Bachelor/Master in English and Literature/ Applied Linguistics + TEFL/TESOL/CELTA
  • Other:
    • 4+ years of teaching experience in an academic setting
    • Previous Leadership experience in an educational setting
    • Knowledge of Vinschool system
    • Supportive, professional attitude in current positon
    • Maintain positive working relationship with current line manager
    • Demonstrated knowledge of observation/evaluation of teachers
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Requirements.
    • Strong presentation, communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    • Competency in class management, time management, interpersonal relations and team work.
    • Adaptable, patient, flexible, devoted and positive outlook
    • Ability to make a commitment for up to 1 full academic year in position

Other benefits:

  • Maintain current level of benefits of Certified ESL teacher
    • International medical insurance
    • Paid holidays and summer payment
    • Discount for children’s tuition fee
    • Visa, Work permit and residence card provided