The Sports Day 2024 “Strive For Excellence”

Monday, 17/06/2024, 16:06 (GMT)

On May 20, 2024, Vinschool Grand Park Primary School organized the Sports Day 2024 sports festival with the theme “Strive For Excellence”, an event that brought many useful experiences, attracting participation. Enthusiasm from all students.
Sports Day 2024 with the participation of all students in each class. Through the program, students train their endurance, flexibility, and ability to concentrate to overcome all the challenging stations given by the Organizing Committee.

Sport Day 2024 “Strive For Excellence” challenge stations include:

  • Balance bridge station: Balance bridge station is where children have to cross a narrow bridge, requiring high concentration and good balance. This activity helps children improve their flexibility and coordination between their senses.

  • Hurdle station: Students must overcome fences placed at different heights. This challenging station requires flexibility, dexterity and quick reflexes, helping children increase muscle strength and body coordination.
  • Tunnel crossing station: Students have to crawl through a narrow tunnel, testing their flexibility and patience. This station not only provides physical training but also helps children overcome their fear of confined spaces and enhance their courage.
  • Minefield Crossing Station: At this station, children have to overcome an area full of simulated obstacles. This is a challenge that requires agility, strategic thinking and decisiveness. Students will learn how to plan and execute it effectively.

  • Spindle crossing station: Children must cross a series of irregular spindles, requiring quick reflexes and dexterity. This activity helps develop the ability to react and increase the flexibility of the body.
  • Matrix station: Matrix station is an area with many circular cylinders that are not firmly fixed, forcing students to be skillful and meticulous to pass this challenging station.
  • Rock climbing station: With a climbing wall designed to be safe and suitable for elementary school ages, the rock climbing station requires the combination of both hands and feet to reach a certain height. This challenge helps develop strength, dexterity and perseverance.
  • Inclined wall climbing station: This is a climbing challenge with an inclined wall, requiring students to use strength and technique to climb. This station helps children practice physical strength, climbing skills and mental resilience.

Sport Day 2024 “Strive For Excellence” not only brings joy and excitement but is also an opportunity for Vinschool Grand Park students to develop comprehensively both physically and mentally. Participating in challenge stations, children not only exercise but also learn how to work in groups, enhancing team spirit and self-confidence. These challenges also help children build strategic thinking skills, problem solving and the ability to face difficulties.
The Sports Day 2024 “Strive For Excellence” took place successfully, leaving many memorable memories for the students. With the enthusiastic and enthusiastic participation of the students, the event affirmed the important role of sports in the education and comprehensive development of students. The diverse challenge stations have brought interesting and useful experiences, contributing to improving the quality of education at Vinschool Grand Park.