Vinsers learn about food groups and how to develop a healthy eating habit in Science class

Tuesday, 06/11/2018, 10:11 (GMT+7)

With the topic “Food Groups”, Science lesson has enabled students in class 2A2 of Vinschool Green Bay Primary School to distinguish different groups of food and know what kind of food to develop a healthier eating habit.

By adopting a student-centered approach, the teacher raised multiple questions that guided students’ knowledge acquisition, trained their team work abilities, and science discovery skills. This teaching approach is one of the highlights in the new Science syllabus of Vinschool for the academic year 2018-2019, whereby students acquire knowledge more naturally through hands-on experiments.

Photo Caption: The excitement of students when visiting “Vinschool supermarket” and exploring various stalls of lovely shopkeepers from Xuka’s bakery, Mickey’s fruit, to Tom cat’s groceries. From this, Vinsers discovered each food group’s elements: sugar in cakes, fat in cooking oil, starch in rice or bread …

Photo Caption: After observing the pictures, students team-worked to classify different food groups including the starch group, the high protein group, and the high fiber group. One of Vinschool’s ultimate targets in Science is to assist students in enhancing teamwork skills from the very early age of first grade during group activities.

Photo Caption: Through a short video, students had a clearer picture of food groups and their nutrients. The core knowledge was also summarized after each activity.

Photo Caption: Students can name 5 basic food groups and also recommend dietary intake for others. “After this lesson, I know what kind of food I should or shouldn’t eat too much. I will also minimize the amount of sugar and sweetened snacks, instead, increase much more vegetables for my healthy diet”, Thanh Ngoc said.

Through the lesson, students can develop a science-based eating habit, classify the food groups, and determine which food should be consumed more or less in their diet.

Starting with the academic year 2018-2019, Vinschool implemented the Cambridge Coordinated Sciences program for students from grade 1 to grade 8.

The lessons are designed based on everyday life, with the aim to inspire passion for science among students, and are centered on three core values: students’ proactiveness in learning, learning through questioning (in which teachers make use of questions to lead students to knowledge-acquisition), and developing students’ scientific research skills and methodologies.

Participating in Science classes, students are able to discover the world around them through more renewed and innovative lenses.