Opportunity for Vinschool High School students to get scholarships from the University of Redlands

Monday, 10/12/2018, 10:12 (GMT+7)

Recently, Vinschool Times City High School and the University of Redlands, United States have signed a cooperation agreement on joint development of curricula and academic programs. The two parties have made agreement on cooperative opportunities in the area of undergraduate studies at Redlands, creating scholarship opportunities for Vinschool students.

Thereby, the University of Redlands will award a minimum 15,000USD scholarship per year if students meet the requirements for academic performance and English proficiency specified by the University of Redlands. The validity of this agreement is 3 years. The University of Redlands will grant Bachelor’s degrees to Vinschool students upon successfully completing the degree requirements specified by the University of Redlands. Students may seek part-time employment on campus during their studies at Redlands.

Mr. Kenley Jones – Director of International Admissions, University of Redlands introducing the University and scholarship opportunities to Vinschool students.


The University of Redlands is a private institution that was founded in 1907. It was ranked 12th in Regional Universities West and rated by Forbes as one of the best universities in the United States. 6.08% of the University’s students are Vietnamese. The University of Redlands has more than 40 undergraduate and postgraduate courses and doctorate programs at Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business and Education, and the outstanding community-centered academic program.

Mr. Kenley Jones – Director of International Admissions, University of Redlands introducing the University and scholarship opportunities to Vinschool students.


“Our training programs are very diverse. Students studying at the University of Redlands can choose any major they want, including Business, Biology, Computer Science, Physics, etc. Redlands’s alumni are working in famous corporations, organizations, and companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Disney, UNESCO, Burberry, etc. In addition, we also want to make sure that students will be trained in a comprehensive manner. For example, Business is only one small part of the University’s general educational program and students who attend the Business course should also attend courses in other areas to equip themselves with the necessary overall knowledge,” said Mr. Kenley Jones – Director of International Admissions, University of Redlands.

He also shared some “tips” with students on how to get scholarships when applying with U.S. universities in general and with the University of Redlands in particular. “I think that students should keep studying well and have good academic performance in order to get scholarships. In addition, grade 11 is the important one for the University of Redlands to consider the application and award scholarship for students.”

Attending in the agreement-signing ceremony, many students expressed their interest in the annual scholarship program provided by the University. Phuong Anh, a student of Vinschool Times City Secondary School said: “I’m intended to study abroad for Business major, as Mr. Kenley Jones said, to study abroad students should equip themselves with many soft skills like group work, presentation skill, etc. We have been equipped with these skills through many academic activities and projects at Vinschool.”

In addition to studying at Redlands, Vinsers are excited to know that Redlands will have more opportunities for students to participate in activities and events of the University. There are about 120 clubs and organizations for students. The University also has many sport events and activities within the dormitory. Therefore, students can absolutely balance between their study and entertainment activities.

Dr. Duong Hong Hanh – Principal of Vinschool High School stated: “Vinschool will make every effort to provide students more programs to exchange knowledge and find academic opportunities with Universities in the world as well as scholarship program to study abroad for students to have opportunities of international integration.”