Impressive ideas to reduce plastic at the Innovation Challenge 2020

Tuesday, 21/07/2020, 11:07 (GMT+7)

After a long span of time bringing ideas into life, the best 24 teams from 6 Vinschool Secondary and High schools in the North advanced to the finale of the Innovation Challenge 2020, held at Vinschool Metropolis Primary and Secondary school on July 4. The first prize went to Vinschool Times City High school with the creative, highly practical bamboo whiteboard marker.

The Innovation Challenge is held annually at Vinschool to spark creativity and passion for science among Secondary and High school students. The 3rd Innovation Challenge this year attracted the participation of hundreds of Vinsers.

The finalists were both excited and nervous on the big day, yet they delivered their presentations and answered all questions from the judges who are experts in science and Vinschool managers with self-confidence.

“There were questions we had never thought of. But thanks to those questions, we acquired new knowledge and useful advice to improve our product”, shared Nguyen Huy Hoang, Team “PLA Recycling” from Vinschool Thang Long.

In the product display area, the “junior scientists” introduced their projects to visitors. Vinsers’ creative ideas such as “Bioplastic from crustacean shells”, “Smart water bottle”, “Food bag from the banana tree” and many more really impressed the judges and parents.

The judges were excited to listen to Vinsers’ explanation of their projects
and test the creative products by themselves.

“I am amazed at the spirit of creativity of the Innovation Challenge. This competition encourages students to pursue their passion, sharpen their observation skills and find inspiration in daily life to create meaningful projects”, shared Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Dung, Former Vice Director of the Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST).

Close-ups of some creative, highly practical products by Vinsers

The finale got even more thrilling as the results were revealed through the scientific experiments by “Harry Potter”, “the all-knowing professor” and “the magician” – they are all Vinsers.

Here’s a look at the Innovation Challenge 2020 winners:


 “Bamboo whiteboard marker” – Vinschool Times City High school


“Dishwashing liquid from biological waste” – Vinschool Imperia Secondary school

“Go Beyond Plastic Role-playing game (RPG)” – Vinschool Times City Secondary school


“Plastic from potato” – Vinschool Thang Long Secondary school

“Plastic from shrimp shells” – Vinschool Thang Long Secondary school

“Bioplastic from crustacean shells” – Vinschool Imperia Secondary school


“Smart water bottle – WaterUp” – Vinschool Times City Secondary school

“Food bag from the banana tree” – Vinschool Metropolis Secondary school

“Plastic and metal waste sorting machine” – Vinschool Thang Long Secondary school

“Breeding plastic-eating worms” – Vinschool Times City Secondary school

Congratulations on Vinsers’ success at the Innovation Challenge 2020! We hope their passion for science will grow and motivate them to create more meaningful products for the community.