Z PITCH startup competition – The voice of future green startups

Wednesday, 18/01/2023, 18:01 (GMT+7)

Season 1 of the green startup playground Z PITCH – a contest hosted by The VZNIS Vinschool Business Club over the past 4 months – has ended with the victory to the Tkids team from Vinschool Thang Long with a project called "The Secret Garden"


Z PITCH – a green startup contest hosted by The VZNIS Vinschool Business Club over the past 4 months – is one of the “hot spots” that inspire and motivate the young people of Gen Z to be creative and realize their passion and big ideas.

The playground has spurred the enthusiastic participation of 24 teams, with more than 100 candidates from high schools across the country who are not only interested in business and economic factors through start-ups but also associate themselves with the environment and nature through the “green” factor. The participating projects all address issues and solutions towards a green lifestyle for the community, thereby creating inspiration for the society.

Along with the competition, the organizers also created an opportunity for participants to visit Vinfast green business and join in training workshops, where they meet and learn from experienced experts such as representatives of the Dutch Embassy in Vietnam.

The final round of the contest took place last December at Vinschool The Harmony Primary Theater Hall with the participation of the best 6 teams. More than 100 spectators were completely convinced by the sustainable business ideas of the teams. A bit of suspense, “brain-wracking”, mixed with a bit of regret was what the audience felt from the Final round.

The successful conclusion of the first season was the victory of Tkids – a team of 9th graders from Vinschool Thang Long with a project called “The Secret Garden”. The judges were completely conquered by the extremely creative business idea of planting kits made of environmentally friendly materials and the sharp and convincing presentation and rebuttals of the contestants.

By using special “fertilizer paper”, “The Secret Garden” meets the needs of consumers who like DIY activities and are living, studying and working in places with limited space as well as have a desire to positively contribute to environmental and psychological health solutions.

Van Trang, a member of the winning team Tkids, shared: “Every time I attend the workshop and am guided by the experts, I learn a lot about both business and sustainable production. The contest is also an opportunity for me to know which business field is suitable for me, thereby helping me in making decisions for long-term directions in the future.”

Z Pitch is proud to be a successful playground for green start-up projects and a place to explore different perspectives of today’s pioneering generation, daring to face the challenges to implement sustainable projects. The competition has ended, but new doors will open to talented students. We hope that their passion will endure to create positive values for the community and society.