Outstanding advantages of Vinschool students when applying to university

Tuesday, 08/03/2022, 11:03 (GMT+7)

In the Open day event that took place on February 26, parents and high school students joined with Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Ngoc, Representative of Vinschool High School Board of Management, to discuss the advantages of Vinschool students when applying for university in the seminar "College" model - New choice for high school.

In recent years, many Vinsers have been prioritized for admission to leading universities in Vietnam, including Foreign Trade University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and National Economics University, consecutively receiving invitations from leading universities in the world such as Cambridge University, UK (#3 in the world), Australian National University (#27 in the world), McGill University, Canada (# 27 in the world), New York University, USA (#42 in the world), etc. This proves that, no matter which future path you choose – a regular university, a domestic international university or studying abroad, high school training programs at Vinschool can help students develop to their fullest potential.

So what is the “secret” behind the impressive results of Vinschool students when applying to university? Here are some advantages of Vinsers that Ms. Thuy Ngoc shared:

  • Vinsers are personalized according to diverse needs: 45% of students choose a full-time university, of which 39% are admitted directly, 40% of students choose an international university in the country, and 15 % choose to study abroad.
  • Vinsers can design their own learning path in accordance with their own passions that will lead to the profession and university they pursue in the future.
  • Vinsers have improved their English skills: 92% of them have an international certificate of IELTS with an average score of 7.0.
  • Vinsers in grades 11-12 receive the companionship and one-on-one advice from academic advisors, and participate in internships and career guidance programs to identify their strengths and professions they want to pursue from an early age.
  • Vinsers in grades 11-12 have the opportunity to register for Advanced Placement courses in more than 50 subjects offered by the school, bringing special advantages to Vinschool students during their transition to universities in the country, including credit reduction.